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内容摘要:market judgedMay economic data showed that manufacturing PMI economic growth and corporate earnings remain toughness, but the Sino-US import...

market judged

May economic data showed that manufacturing PMI economic growth and corporate earnings remain toughness, but the Sino-US import and export issues are still pending consultation talks, the Italian bond market crisis triggered a global capital market turmoil, China credit debt The rising risk of breach of contract makes market risk preferences continue to be suppressed. Shanghai Composite tired down the last 2.11%, 2.67% deep into tired down, GEM that tired and fell 5.26%. The top three CITIC industry gains were food and beverages (5.59%), restaurants and tourism (5.12%) and home appliances (1.53%); the top three were the defense industry (-6.87%), communications (-5.69%) and Electrical equipment (-5.55%).

As stated in the May report, there are fundamental differences between China and the United States in terms of core appeals, and there is still potential for friction in the next 2-6 years or even longer. Sino-U.S. economic and trade negotiations are like climbing the 18th Mountain Road in Taishan, and the process must be tortuous. difficult. After the U.S. side “kickback kick”, the market’s expectation of reaching consensus on Sino-US negotiations in June will be reduced, but we still recommend avoiding hard-hit areas that are affected by it: automobiles, agriculture, electronics, and communications.

We believe that due to the further deterioration of credit risk, risk appetite falls quickly, and the market has a large probability of maintaining a concussion pattern in the short term. Hong Kong stocks are in the short-term bottom-building process and are expected to usher in a rebound in the short-term, and do not need to be overly pessimistic. However, the Hong Kong market is vulnerable to the risk of overseas liquidity, and the timing of Shigekura’s participation has not yet arrived. In respect of bonds, subject to the fall in investment demand, such as infrastructure, there will be some downward pressure on the economy in the next 1-2 quarters, and the yield is expected to further decline. In gold, with the U.S. dollar's interest rate up and geopolitical tensions eased, gold will still be further suppressed.





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